Artists are both at the forefront of change and critical to the preservation of culture. Often their work involves envisioning new ways of being in the world. As our community addresses the converging pandemics of COVID-19 and ongoing racial injustices, artists will be crucial in articulating a path forward. Black Theater Institutions shape our national narrative and public discourse. Yet, inequities persist:

  1. Foundations give $4 Billion Dollars to arts organizations, but only 4% goes to arts organizations that serve communities of color.
  2. The median budget size of the 20 largest arts organizations of color surveyed by the DeVos Institute is 90% smaller than their mainstream counterparts, and more than half of these organizations were operating in 2013 with budget deficits.
  3. Black theater is at a critical moment. Of Black Theatres founded out of the Civil Rights/Black arts movements, 87 didn't exist by the mid-90s.

*From the Black Seed research