Black Arts MKE In the News – Milwaukee Performing Arts Organizations Require Proof of Vaccination or Negative COVID-19 Test for Audiences

Milwaukee’s performing arts organizations will require COVID-19 vaccinations or proof of negative test within 72 hours of events for all audience members 12 and up attending indoor performances beginning in September.

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WISN – Bronzeville Arts Ensemble Announces 2021 Milwaukee Black Theater Festival

Read More – Black Arts MKE selected for national strategy initiative, grant funding

Black Arts MKE, the Milwaukee nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing availability and quality of African American arts and culture, was awarded a grant from The Black Seed, a national strategic initiative focused on long-term impact of Black theater institutions...

Read More – Black Arts MKE Selected for the Black Seed National Strategic Initiative to Support Equity for Black Theater Institutions

Black Arts MKE has been awarded a generous grant from The Black Seed, a national strategic initiative focused on creating impact and “thrivability” for Black theater institutions. Awarding close to 100 one- or two-year grants up to $150,000, this is the first iteration in a long-term strategy for The Black Seed...

Read More – The Black Seed Unveils Generous Grant Program for Black Theatres. Nearly 100 Black theatres will receive 1- or t-year grants, ranging in sze from $10,000 to $150,000.

BROOKLYN: The Black Seed, a national strategic initiative focused on creating impact and “thrivability” for Black theatre institutions, has announced that close to 100 Black theatres across the country will receive one- or two-year grants ranging from $10,000 to $150,000. This is the first iteration in a long-term strategy for the company...

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United Performing Arts Fund – A Stage For All Podcast (featuring Black Arts MKE, 5:32m) Episode 4: The Cultural Impact of the Arts

UPAF's "A Stage for All" podcast is an engaging exploration of the impact the arts have in our lives and communities. It includes interviews with those who bring the performing arts to local stages, classrooms, community centers and even hospitals. Learn how UPAF Member Groups positively affect Eastern Wisconsin, get to know the locals who bring color to our city and get the latest on the "State of the Arts."...

Read More – UPAF Welcomes Black Arts MKE as Newest Member Group

The United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF) announced today that its Board of Directors has approved Black Arts MKE as a Member Group, effective immediately. The organization joins 13 other premiere world class performing arts organizations as a UPAF Member Group.  Since its inception six years ago, Black Arts MKE had received annual grants through the UPAF Affiliate Program...

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About Black Arts MKE

Launched in 2014, Black Arts MKE is a unique arts platform created – at least in part, in response to post-recession research findings that revealed, “Nonprofit arts organizations need an entirely different business model” (The Importance of Being Small, prepared for the Nonprofit Management Fund, April 2012). For many smaller African American arts organizations, the recession made it especially hard to keep doors open and the lights on, unfortunately, and we’ve seen important cultural offerings in Milwaukee shut down.  Black Arts MKE was created to prevent this trend from continuing and to provide a more sustainable, vibrant African American arts and culture scene in our community. 

Black Arts MKE’s mission is to increase the availability and quality of African American arts and culture.  We work with over 100 local artists of color and arts groups to bring arts works by black authors, playwrights, poets, dancers, musicians, and composers.  We provide educational and entertaining culturally relevant arts residencies to hundreds of students each year including a Youth Performing Arts Camp in July. Our musical theater production of Black Nativity by Langston Hughes, is an annual holiday favorite featuring an all-black, MKE-based cast.

We provide administrative back-office support to resident theater group Bronzeville Arts Ensemble to enable its artistic leadership to focus their time and energy on their strengths of creating artistic programming.  Bronzeville Arts Ensemble strives to illuminate the African American experience in America by developing and creating theater while also providing artistic and educational programming opportunities, collaborating with the local and national theatre community, and inspiring healing and positive social change.

Black Arts MKE is a proud Member Group with the United Performing Arts Fund and Resident Group at the Marcus Performing Arts Center.  Black Arts MKE is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation.