What's Inside


Black Arts MKE is more than just a nonprofit. We are a committed employer and community member. This wouldn't be possible without the hard work, commitment and expertise of our board, leadership, artists, and volunteers, who are absolutely vital to our organization's success.

We strive to offer challenges for our team in their daily work as well as opportunities to enjoy relationships with friends and coworkers through special experiences.

Having a reasonable work-life balance demonstrates a commitment to our employees as people as well as professionals.




Digital Marketing Associate is responsible for driving traffic on social media to promote our programs and events and overseeing our email campaigns.  The right candidate will write new content for our website and provide our management teams with updates on the traffic numbers and effectiveness of digital marketing efforts.  DMA must be knowledgeable about of variety of social media platforms and be able to integrate traditional marketing methods into a digital framework, have an understanding of how various media channels interact with one another, and be able to monitor analytics data.  As needed, assist the team with administrative and organizational duties.

Interested individuals should request full position description and/or send resume via email with cover letter to:  Barbara Wanzo | Executive Director | bwanzo@blackartsmke.org

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